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Occasioned by Restoration of Democracy day – Greece

Dear Democracy, welcome to year 2021!


A year of contradictions, exceedance and infinity! How many possibilities can sprawl before us while we have a unique opportunity to build strength and resilience! A brilliant period for making a turn, focus on what matters and make the loss we had an enlightening call to action in every aspect of our life.


You are 47 years old, what an experience such an age can imply! And how much energy to realize your goals; in a smart way.


But, I would like to ask you is this your actual age or do you feel older? Younger maybe?


And most importantly, which is the present that you want from us? Do you want sth fancy? Sth useful? Sth cool? Or all these above? Or nothing?


I am preparing a gift for you, sth to be suitable in the occasion….It’s been 47 years since we made dictatorship fall and Konstantinos Karamanlis came back to Greece from France where he was in exile. A few hours after his airplane landed in Greece he was sworn in as the Prime Minister of  a government of National Unity.


Hence the gift is called Democracy Game.


And yes, I strongly believe that it can take us closer to restoration, every day.


On the 25th of Nov. I will try my best to make you feel proud by being selected as the winner of the EU Datathon 2021 and make this moment the start of a journey that will bring us closer to you.


My beloved Democracy, sometimes, when we celebrate, we feel lonely, others we prefer to remain silent before others in order to show them love; or disappointment; or disgust.


How do you feel today?


How should I feel today?


Someone told me that you have the solution to all problems. Or the opposite? I don’t remember who, but I must ask you: Is it true or fake news?


I will try to figure out the answer.  


And I promise; I will dig deeper to meet you halfway.


 Yes, I will find my way.


We will find our way.


All in good measure.


Happy Belated Birthday!




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